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The links below take you to retailers in-world that have high quality and highly detailed men’s shoes listed according to body fit. If you wish for your store to join in the listing, we invite you to fill out an application in the “Join Us” section.

Shoe retailers:

A&D Adam
Kokoia Adam
David Heather Aesthetic Niramyth
Not so bad Aesthetic Niramyth
Roc  Aesthetic Niramyth
Versov Aesthetic Niramyth
A&D Belleza Jake
Cold Ash Belleza Jake
Not so bad Belleza Jake
Roc  Belleza Jake
Parker Belleza Jake
Vale Koer Belleza Jake
Cubura Belleza Jake
Dossier Belleza Jake
Bleich Belleza Jake
FLI Belleza Jake
Kokoia Belleza Jake
Equal Belleza Jake
Semller Belleza Jake
Versov Belleza Jake
Deadwool Belleza Jake
Native Urban Belleza Jake
Spotcat Belleza Jake
A&D Classic
Roc  Classic
Kokoia Classic
Versov Classic
Deadwool Classic
Equal Exmachina
A&D Signature
Cold Ash Signature
David Heather Signature
Not so bad Signature
Parker Signature
Vale Koer Signature
Cubura Signature
Dossier Signature
Bleich Signature
Kokoia Signature
Equal Signature
Semller Signature
Versov Signature
Deadwool Signature
Native Urban Signature
FLI Signature
Spotcat Signature
A&D Slink Physique
Cold Ash Slink Physique
David Heather Slink Physique
Not so bad Slink Physique
Roc  Slink Physique
Parker Slink Physique
Vale Koer Slink Physique
Dossier Slink Physique
Bleich Slink Physique
FLI Slink Physique
Kokoia Slink Physique
Equal Slink Physique
Semller Slink Physique
Versov Slink Physique
Deadwool Slink Physique
Native Urban Slink Physique
A&D The Mesh Project (TMP)
Cold Ash The Mesh Project (TMP)
David Heather The Mesh Project (TMP)
Not so bad The Mesh Project (TMP)
Roc  The Mesh Project (TMP)
Vale Koer The Mesh Project (TMP)
Bleich The Mesh Project (TMP)
Kokoia The Mesh Project (TMP)
Semller The Mesh Project (TMP)
Versov The Mesh Project (TMP)
Cold Ash Unrigged
Not so bad Unrigged
Roc  Unrigged
Vale Koer Unrigged
FLI Unrigged
Equal Unrigged
Semller Unrigged
Versov Unrigged
Invictus Unrigged
Deadwool Unrigged
Native Urban Unrigged

The following table below is NOT SCREENED & takes you to marketplace stores/inworld store with men’s shoes listed according to body fit.

WARNING! The clothing list below was created separately and as a result is not screened for DETAIL, QUALITY, and DESIGN ORIGINALITY as the ONLY consideration was body compatiblity in compiling the list and as a result, many of the links refers to the Marketplace store. Therefore fit, quality, design and texturing is not factored into the creation of this list. It is highly recommended to try demos if available before purchasing. No accountability is held for fit. The table is to be used as a guide only in order to help men save time by knowing which creators have items for the particular body they have.

Shoes list (not screened):

Lavarock Creations Adam
B&W Pour Homme Adam
FashionNatic Adam
Madrigal Adam
Unnaked Adam
Resun Adin
Resun Aesthetic Niramyth
L&B Aesthetic Niramyth
FashionNatic Aesthetic Niramyth
Illi Aesthetic Niramyth
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations Aesthetic Niramyth
Graphit Design Aesthetic Niramyth
Adixxion Aesthetic Niramyth
Feral (medieval roleplay) Aesthetic Niramyth
CA Caligula Aesthetic Niramyth
Pump Aesthetic Niramyth
Only Shoes (Think Fashion) Aesthetic Niramyth
MacDaddy’s Designs Aesthetic Niramyth
G&D The Italian Style Aesthetic Niramyth
Madrigal Aesthetic Niramyth
Unnaked Aesthetic Niramyth
Resun Altamura
Feral (medieval roleplay) Altamura
Unnaked Altamura
Resun Belleza Jake
L&B Belleza Jake
B&W Pour Homme Belleza Jake
FashionNatic Belleza Jake
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations Belleza Jake
Graphit Design Belleza Jake
Feral (medieval roleplay) Belleza Jake
CA Caligula Belleza Jake
Only Shoes (Think Fashion) Belleza Jake
G&D The Italian Style Belleza Jake
Resun Classic
Lavarock Creations Classic
Illi Classic
Madrigal Classic
Resun Ocacin Gamit
Resun Onupup
Unnaked Signature
FashionNatic Signature
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations Signature
CA Caligula Signature
Resun Signature
L&B Signature
B&W Pour Homme Signature
FashionNatic Signature
Synyster Creations Signature
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations Signature
Graphit Design Signature
Adixxion Signature
Feral (medieval roleplay) Signature
CA Caligula Signature
G&D The Italian Style Signature
Madrigal Signature
D2T Designs Signature
Resun Slink Physique
Lavarock Creations Slink Physique
L&B Slink Physique
B&W Pour Homme Slink Physique
B&W Pour Homme Slink Physique
FashionNatic Slink Physique
Synyster Creations Slink Physique
Illi Slink Physique
Pucca Firecaster’s Creations Slink Physique
Graphit Design Slink Physique
Adixxion Slink Physique
Feral (medieval roleplay) Slink Physique
CA Caligula Slink Physique
Only Shoes (Think Fashion) Slink Physique
G&D The Italian Style Slink Physique
Madrigal Slink Physique
KC Couture Slink Physique
D2T Designs Slink Physique
Unnaked Slink Physique
B&W Pour Homme The Mesh Project (TMP)
FashionNatic The Mesh Project (TMP)
Synyster Creations The Mesh Project (TMP)
Illi The Mesh Project (TMP)
Graphit Design The Mesh Project (TMP)
CA Caligula The Mesh Project (TMP)
Only Shoes (Think Fashion) The Mesh Project (TMP)
G&D The Italian Style The Mesh Project (TMP)
Unnaked The Mesh Project (TMP)
Resun Unrigged
Lavarock Creations Unrigged
Synyster Creations Unrigged
CA Caligula Unrigged
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