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Head: Akeruka Creations (AK)

Second life mesh heads for men by Akeruka Creations (AK)

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Akeruka heads come in two versions. 1) Older bento heads 2) Deluxe bento heads. All Akekura Heads are Bento Mesh Heads, meaning you are able to somewhat alter the shape (Project Bento). Akekura uses motion capture technology to create these.

heads ak omega

1) Older bento heads

Cost: L$1,249

Animations HUD available for purchase for each older bento head.

heads ak aronheads ak coleheads ak julianheads ak keijiheads ak keithheads ak marcoheads ak mikeheads ak pabloheads ak rayheads ak tony

heads ak head hud

Upgraded animations HUD (Cost: L$1,099)

animation hud.png

2) Deluxe bento heads

Cost: L$4,999

Head, animation & teeth HUD included with each deluxe bento head.

heads ak deluxe bruceheads ak deluxe leonheads ak deluxe jayheads ak deluxe yangheads ak deluxe head hud 1heads ak deluxe head hud 2heads ak deluxe head hud 3heads ak deluxe head hud 4heads ak deluxe head hud 5heads ak deluxe animationsheads ak deluxe animations 2heads ak deluxe teeth hud 2heads ak deluxe teeth hud

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