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Clothing: Compatibility

Table 1: Retailers in-world that have high quality and highly detailed men’s mesh clothing and/or shoes (screened).

Table 2: Retailers in-world & Marketplace stores. (not screened).

Clothing table listed by bento/mesh body compatibility (e.g Signature Gianni, Exmachina, Altamura….. etc). The following tables are for general reference purposes only. Every item for each creator varies and has a different fit. To ensure purchases, it is highly recommended to try demos before purchasing. No accountability is held for fit. The table is to be used as a guide only in order to help men save time by knowing which creators have items for the particular body they have.
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The following table below takes you to marketplace stores/inworld store with at least one item rigged for the corresponding listed bento/mesh body.

Table 1: Screened for quality.

Body Designer
Adam A&D
Adam Native Urban
Adam TonkTastic
Aesthetic Niramyth Bulkin
Aesthetic Niramyth Dufaux
Aesthetic Niramyth Gild
Aesthetic Niramyth Invictus
Aesthetic Niramyth Legal Insanity
Aesthetic Niramyth Matova
Aesthetic Niramyth Native Urban
Aesthetic Niramyth No Shirt Sherlock
Aesthetic Niramyth Not so bad
Aesthetic Niramyth TonkTastic
Belleza Jake A&D
Belleza Jake Aitui
Belleza Jake Cheerno
Belleza Jake Chuck Size
Belleza Jake Cold Ash
Belleza Jake Complex
Belleza Jake Cubura
Belleza Jake David Heather
Belleza Jake Deadwool
Belleza Jake Dufaux
Belleza Jake Elemen’s
Belleza Jake Exalted
Belleza Jake Flow
Belleza Jake Gild
Belleza Jake Hevo
Belleza Jake Invictus
Belleza Jake Kalback
Belleza Jake Legal Insanity
Belleza Jake Mangula
Belleza Jake Matova
Belleza Jake Millo Copperfield
Belleza Jake Mossu
Belleza Jake Native Urban
Belleza Jake Nero
Belleza Jake Noche
Belleza Jake Not so bad
Belleza Jake Parker
Belleza Jake Tabou
Belleza Jake Vale Koer
Belleza Jake ZVI
Classic A&D
Classic Cold Ash
Classic Deadwool
Classic Gild
Classic Native Urban
Classic Not so bad
Classic TonkTastic
Exmachina Exmachina
Exmachina Gild
Exmachina Legal Insanity
Signature Geralt A&D
Signature Geralt Cheerno
Signature Geralt Chuck Size
Signature Geralt Cold Ash
Signature Geralt Cubura
Signature Geralt David Heather
Signature Geralt Deadwool
Signature Geralt Flow
Signature Geralt Gild
Signature Geralt Kalback
Signature Geralt Legal Insanity
Signature Geralt Mangula
Signature Geralt Matova
Signature Geralt Millo Copperfield
Signature Geralt Nero
Signature Geralt Noche
Signature Geralt Not so bad
Signature Geralt Tabou
Signature Geralt ZVI
Signature Gianni A&D
Signature Gianni Aitui
Signature Gianni Breathe
Signature Gianni Cheerno
Signature Gianni Chuck Size
Signature Gianni Cold Ash
Signature Gianni Complex
Signature Gianni Cubura
Signature Gianni David Heather
Signature Gianni Deadwool
Signature Gianni Dufaux
Signature Gianni Elemen’s
Signature Gianni Exalted
Signature Gianni Flow
Signature Gianni Gild
Signature Gianni Hevo
Signature Gianni Invictus
Signature Gianni Kalback
Signature Gianni Legal Insanity
Signature Gianni Mangula
Signature Gianni Matova
Signature Gianni Millo Copperfield
Signature Gianni Mossu
Signature Gianni Native Urban
Signature Gianni Nero
Signature Gianni Noche
Signature Gianni Not so bad
Signature Gianni Parker
Signature Gianni Tabou
Signature Gianni TonkTastic
Signature Gianni Vale Koer
Signature Gianni ZVI
Slink Physique A&D
Slink Physique Aitui
Slink Physique Breathe
Slink Physique Chuck Size
Slink Physique Cold Ash
Slink Physique Deadwool
Slink Physique Flow
Slink Physique Gild
Slink Physique Invictus
Slink Physique Kalback
Slink Physique Legal Insanity
Slink Physique Mangula
Slink Physique Millo Copperfield
Slink Physique Native Urban
Slink Physique Not so bad
Slink Physique Parker
Slink Physique Tabou
Slink Physique TonkTastic
Slink Physique Vale Koer
Standard size Addams
Standard size Breathe
Standard size Cheerno
Standard size Cold Ash
Standard size Deadwool
Standard size Legal Insanity
The Mesh Project TMP Breathe
V-Tech Cubura

Table 2: Not Screened.

WARNING! The clothing list below was created separately and as a result is not screened for DETAIL, QUALITY, and DESIGN ORIGINALITY as the ONLY consideration was bento/mesh body compatiblity in compiling the list and as a result, many of the links refers to the Marketplace store. Therefore fit, quality, design and texturing is not factored into the creation of this list (for high quality, highly detailed textured clothing items please refer to the list above).

Body Designer
Adam Alantori
Adam Allure Couture
Adam Amazing Creations
Adam Arkan
Adam Cocky Designs
Adam Crazy White Boy
Adam D2T Designs
Adam Dafnis
Adam Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Adam Electric Feel
Adam Emerald Couture
Adam FashionNatic
Adam FN Only Mens Clothes
Adam FurtaCor
Adam Gas Clothing Company
Adam If design
Adam Ignition
Adam Illi
Adam Justice
Adam Kandee’s Fashions
Adam Lavarock Creations
Adam Lily’s Locker
Adam MadCatCreations
Adam Maquesse
Adam Mistique
Adam Neurolab
Adam Paris Fashion House
Adam R2A
Adam Real gems
Adam Resun
Adam Sensual Erotik Xtore
Adam SP Piaggio
Adam Stickler Designs
Adam Synyster Creations
Adam Tcod design
Adam TF Designs
Adam TF Designs
Adam The Best of Me
Adam The Grey Goose
Adam Underrated
Adam Unnaked
Adam WuoCompraa
Adam Yack
Adam Zed
Adin Amazing Creations
Adin Deliciously bound
Adin If design
Adin Lily’s Locker
Adin Maquesse
Adin Pixel Box design
Adin Real gems
Adin The Best of Me
Adin Unnaked
Aesthetic Niramyth Adam Edelstein Couture
Aesthetic Niramyth Alantori
Aesthetic Niramyth Allure Couture
Aesthetic Niramyth Amazing Creations
Aesthetic Niramyth Arkan
Aesthetic Niramyth Black Ghost Tatts
Aesthetic Niramyth Blueprint Co
Aesthetic Niramyth C&N Medieval designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Caro Trading Company
Aesthetic Niramyth Cocky Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Cox Leather
Aesthetic Niramyth Crazy White Boy
Aesthetic Niramyth D2T Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Dafnis
Aesthetic Niramyth Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Aesthetic Niramyth Electric Feel
Aesthetic Niramyth Emerald Couture
Aesthetic Niramyth FashionNatic
Aesthetic Niramyth FN Only Mens Clothes
Aesthetic Niramyth FurtaCor
Aesthetic Niramyth Gas Clothing Company
Aesthetic Niramyth If design
Aesthetic Niramyth Ignition
Aesthetic Niramyth Illi
Aesthetic Niramyth JTCrusher
Aesthetic Niramyth Kandee’s Fashions
Aesthetic Niramyth Karsin Wrestling Gear
Aesthetic Niramyth L&B
Aesthetic Niramyth L&B
Aesthetic Niramyth LD Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Lily’s Locker
Aesthetic Niramyth LV Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth MadCatCreations
Aesthetic Niramyth Maquesse
Aesthetic Niramyth Mistique
Aesthetic Niramyth MJ Mini Jigsaw
Aesthetic Niramyth Myo Projects
Aesthetic Niramyth On The Surface
Aesthetic Niramyth Onyx Leathers
Aesthetic Niramyth Oph Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Outlier Clothing
Aesthetic Niramyth Paris Fashion House
Aesthetic Niramyth Phoenix
Aesthetic Niramyth Pucca Firecaster’s Creation
Aesthetic Niramyth Pump
Aesthetic Niramyth R2A
Aesthetic Niramyth Rainworx Labs
Aesthetic Niramyth Real gems
Aesthetic Niramyth Real gems
Aesthetic Niramyth Resun
Aesthetic Niramyth Roah’s Deisgn
Aesthetic Niramyth Sensual Erotik Xtore
Aesthetic Niramyth Skye’s the Limit Fashions
Aesthetic Niramyth SP Piaggio
Aesthetic Niramyth Sternwood Treasures
Aesthetic Niramyth Stickler Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth Synyster Creations
Aesthetic Niramyth Tcod design
Aesthetic Niramyth TF Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth TF Designs
Aesthetic Niramyth The Best of Me
Aesthetic Niramyth The Fallen
Aesthetic Niramyth The Grey Goose
Aesthetic Niramyth The Sanguine Tree
Aesthetic Niramyth Thirst
Aesthetic Niramyth Thug Life
Aesthetic Niramyth Trill
Aesthetic Niramyth TS Creations
Aesthetic Niramyth Underrated
Aesthetic Niramyth United Colors
Aesthetic Niramyth Unnaked
Aesthetic Niramyth Whistler Design
Aesthetic Niramyth WuoCompraa
Aesthetic Niramyth Yack
Aesthetic Niramyth Zed
Altamura Arkan
Altamura Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Altamura Electric Feel
Altamura Electric Feel
Altamura FN Only Mens Clothes
Altamura Gas Clothing Company
Altamura If design
Altamura Ignition
Altamura Kandee’s Fashions
Altamura Lily’s Locker
Altamura MadCatCreations
Altamura Maquesse
Altamura MyLord&MyLady
Altamura Paris Fashion House
Altamura R2A
Altamura Resun
Altamura Skeep
Altamura Stickler Designs
Altamura Tcod design
Altamura The Best of Me
Altamura The Grey Goose
Altamura WuoCompraa
Belleza Jake Alantori
Belleza Jake Allure Couture
Belleza Jake Amazing Creations
Belleza Jake Arkan
Belleza Jake Blueprint Co
Belleza Jake Cocky Designs
Belleza Jake Crazy White Boy
Belleza Jake D2T Designs
Belleza Jake Dafnis
Belleza Jake Deliciously bound
Belleza Jake Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Belleza Jake Electric Feel
Belleza Jake Emerald Couture
Belleza Jake FashionNatic
Belleza Jake FN Only Mens Clothes
Belleza Jake FurtaCor
Belleza Jake Gas Clothing Company
Belleza Jake GVN
Belleza Jake If design
Belleza Jake Ignition
Belleza Jake Illi
Belleza Jake Justice
Belleza Jake Kandee’s Fashions
Belleza Jake KOM
Belleza Jake L&B
Belleza Jake L&B
Belleza Jake Lavarock Creations
Belleza Jake LD Designs
Belleza Jake Lily’s Locker
Belleza Jake LV Designs
Belleza Jake MadCatCreations
Belleza Jake Maquesse
Belleza Jake Mistique
Belleza Jake Neurolab
Belleza Jake On The Surface
Belleza Jake Onyx Leathers
Belleza Jake Outlier Clothing
Belleza Jake Paris Fashion House
Belleza Jake Pixel Box design
Belleza Jake Pucca Firecaster’s Creation
Belleza Jake R2A
Belleza Jake Real gems
Belleza Jake Resun
Belleza Jake Roah’s Deisgn
Belleza Jake Sensual Erotik Xtore
Belleza Jake SP Piaggio
Belleza Jake Sternwood Treasures
Belleza Jake Stickler Designs
Belleza Jake Synyster Creations
Belleza Jake Tcod design
Belleza Jake TF Designs
Belleza Jake TF Designs
Belleza Jake The Best of Me
Belleza Jake The Grey Goose
Belleza Jake Thirst
Belleza Jake United Colors
Belleza Jake Unnaked
Belleza Jake Vexiin
Belleza Jake WuoCompraa
Belleza Jake Yack
Belleza Jake Zed
Classic Adam Edelstein Couture
Classic Allure Couture
Classic Amazing Creations
Classic C&N Medieval designs
Classic D2T Designs
Classic Electric Feel
Classic Emerald Couture
Classic FashionNatic
Classic FurtaCor
Classic Illi
Classic Kandee’s Fashions
Classic L&B
Classic L&B
Classic Lily’s Locker
Classic Neurolab
Classic Paris Fashion House
Classic Pixel Box design
Classic Real gems
Classic Resun
Classic Sensual Erotik Xtore
Classic Tcod design
Classic The Best of Me
Classic Tsinc
Classic Underrated
Classic Wicca’s Wardrobe
Classic WuoCompraa
Classic Yack
Classic Zed
Exmachina Amazing Creations
Exmachina Arkan
Exmachina Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Exmachina Electric Feel
Exmachina FN Only Mens Clothes
Exmachina FurtaCor
Exmachina Gas Clothing Company
Exmachina Ignition
Exmachina Ignition
Exmachina Justice
Exmachina Kandee’s Fashions
Exmachina Lavarock Creations
Exmachina Lily’s Locker
Exmachina MadCatCreations
Exmachina Maquesse
Exmachina Paris Fashion House
Exmachina Resun
Exmachina Tcod design
Exmachina The Best of Me
Exmachina The Grey Goose
Legacy Alantori
NX-Nardcotix Allure Couture
NX-Nardcotix Amazing Creations
NX-Nardcotix Arkan
NX-Nardcotix Cocky Designs
NX-Nardcotix D2T Designs
NX-Nardcotix Dafnis
NX-Nardcotix Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
NX-Nardcotix Emerald Couture
NX-Nardcotix FN Only Mens Clothes
NX-Nardcotix FurtaCor
NX-Nardcotix Gas Clothing Company
NX-Nardcotix If design
NX-Nardcotix Ignition
NX-Nardcotix Justice
NX-Nardcotix Kandee’s Fashions
NX-Nardcotix Lavarock Creations
NX-Nardcotix LD Designs
NX-Nardcotix Lily’s Locker
NX-Nardcotix Paris Fashion House
NX-Nardcotix R2A
NX-Nardcotix Real gems
NX-Nardcotix Tcod design
NX-Nardcotix The Best of Me
NX-Nardcotix The Grey Goose
NX-Nardcotix Unnaked
NX-Nardcotix Yack
NX-Nardcotix Zed
Ocacin Edus Maquesse
Ocacin Edus Real gems
Ocacin Edus Unnaked
Ocacin Gamit Amazing Creations
Ocacin Gamit If design
Ocacin Gamit Pixel Box design
Ocacin Gamit The Best of Me
Ocacin Gamit Unnaked
Ocacin Mado Deliciously bound
Ocacin Mado Lily’s Locker
Ocacin Mado Maquesse
Ocacin Mado Pixel Box design
Ocacin Mado Real gems
Ocacin Mado The Best of Me
Ocacin Mado Unnaked
Onupup Amazing Creations
Onupup Deliciously bound
Onupup If design
Onupup Lily’s Locker
Onupup Maquesse
Onupup Pixel Box design
Onupup Real gems
Onupup The Best of Me
Onupup Unnaked
Signature Geralt Emerald Couture
Signature Geralt FashionNatic
Signature Geralt FN Only Mens Clothes
Signature Geralt FurtaCor
Signature Geralt Gas Clothing Company
Signature Geralt If design
Signature Geralt Ignition
Signature Geralt Justice
Signature Geralt Lavarock Creations
Signature Geralt Paris Fashion House
Signature Geralt Pucca Firecaster’s Creation
Signature Geralt Real gems
Signature Geralt Resun
Signature Geralt Roah’s Deisgn
Signature Geralt Sternwood Treasures
Signature Geralt TF Designs
Signature Geralt TF Designs
Signature Geralt The Grey Goose
Signature Gianni Adam Edelstein Couture
Signature Gianni Alantori
Signature Gianni Allure Couture
Signature Gianni Amazing Creations
Signature Gianni Arkan
Signature Gianni Blueprint Co
Signature Gianni C&N Medieval designs
Signature Gianni Caro Trading Company
Signature Gianni Cocky Designs
Signature Gianni Crazy White Boy
Signature Gianni D2T Designs
Signature Gianni Dafnis
Signature Gianni Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Signature Gianni Electric Feel
Signature Gianni Emerald Couture
Signature Gianni FashionNatic
Signature Gianni FN Only Mens Clothes
Signature Gianni FurtaCor
Signature Gianni Gas Clothing Company
Signature Gianni GVN
Signature Gianni If design
Signature Gianni Ignition
Signature Gianni Illi
Signature Gianni JTCrusher
Signature Gianni Justice
Signature Gianni Kandee’s Fashions
Signature Gianni Karsin Wrestling Gear
Signature Gianni KOM
Signature Gianni L&B
Signature Gianni L&B
Signature Gianni Lavarock Creations
Signature Gianni LD Designs
Signature Gianni Lily’s Locker
Signature Gianni LV Designs
Signature Gianni MadCatCreations
Signature Gianni Maquesse
Signature Gianni Mistique
Signature Gianni Neurolab
Signature Gianni On The Surface
Signature Gianni Onyx Leathers
Signature Gianni Outlier Clothing
Signature Gianni Paris Fashion House
Signature Gianni Pixel Box design
Signature Gianni Pucca Firecaster’s Creation
Signature Gianni R2A
Signature Gianni Real gems
Signature Gianni Resun
Signature Gianni Sensual Erotik Xtore
Signature Gianni SP Piaggio
Signature Gianni Sternwood Treasures
Signature Gianni Stickler Designs
Signature Gianni Synyster Creations
Signature Gianni Tcod design
Signature Gianni TF Designs
Signature Gianni TF Designs
Signature Gianni The Best of Me
Signature Gianni The Grey Goose
Signature Gianni Thirst
Signature Gianni Tsinc
Signature Gianni Underrated
Signature Gianni United Colors
Signature Gianni Unnaked
Signature Gianni Vexiin
Signature Gianni WuoCompraa
Signature Gianni Yack
Signature Gianni Zed
Slink Physique Adam Edelstein Couture
Slink Physique Alantori
Slink Physique Allure Couture
Slink Physique Amazing Creations
Slink Physique Arkan
Slink Physique Blueprint Co
Slink Physique C&N Medieval designs
Slink Physique Cocky Designs
Slink Physique D2T Designs
Slink Physique Dafnis
Slink Physique Deliciously bound
Slink Physique Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Slink Physique Electric Feel
Slink Physique Emerald Couture
Slink Physique FashionNatic
Slink Physique FurtaCor
Slink Physique Gas Clothing Company
Slink Physique GVN
Slink Physique If design
Slink Physique Ignition
Slink Physique Illi
Slink Physique JTCrusher
Slink Physique Justice
Slink Physique Kandee’s Fashions
Slink Physique L&B
Slink Physique L&B
Slink Physique Lavarock Creations
Slink Physique LD Designs
Slink Physique Lily’s Locker
Slink Physique MadCatCreations
Slink Physique Maquesse
Slink Physique Mistique
Slink Physique Neurolab
Slink Physique On The Surface
Slink Physique Onyx Leathers
Slink Physique Outlier Clothing
Slink Physique Paris Fashion House
Slink Physique Pixel Box design
Slink Physique Pucca Firecaster’s Creation
Slink Physique R2A
Slink Physique Real gems
Slink Physique Resun
Slink Physique Roah’s Deisgn
Slink Physique Sensual Erotik Xtore
Slink Physique Skeep
Slink Physique SP Piaggio
Slink Physique Sternwood Treasures
Slink Physique Synyster Creations
Slink Physique Tcod design
Slink Physique TF Designs
Slink Physique TF Designs
Slink Physique The Best of Me
Slink Physique The Grey Goose
Slink Physique Tsinc
Slink Physique Underrated
Slink Physique United Colors
Slink Physique Unnaked
Slink Physique Wicca’s Wardrobe
Slink Physique WuoCompraa
Slink Physique Yack
Slink Physique Zed
Standard size Adam Edelstein Couture
Standard size Allure Couture
Standard size Arkan
Standard size Blueprint Co
Standard size C&N Medieval designs
Standard size D2T Designs
Standard size Dafnis
Standard size Deliciously bound
Standard size Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
Standard size Electric Feel
Standard size Emerald Couture
Standard size Gas Clothing Company
Standard size If design
Standard size Ignition
Standard size Lavarock Creations
Standard size LD Designs
Standard size Lily’s Locker
Standard size MadCatCreations
Standard size Maquesse
Standard size Mistique
Standard size Myo Projects
Standard size Paris Fashion House
Standard size R2A
Standard size Real gems
Standard size Roah’s Deisgn
Standard size Sensual Erotik Xtore
Standard size SP Piaggio
Standard size Synyster Creations
Standard size Synyster Creations
Standard size Tcod design
Standard size The Best of Me
Standard size The Fallen
Standard size The Grey Goose
Standard size Tsinc
Standard size Underrated
Standard size Unnaked
Standard size Whistler Design
Standard size Wicca’s Wardrobe
Standard size WuoCompraa
Standard size Zed
The Mesh Project TMP Allure Couture
The Mesh Project TMP Amazing Creations
The Mesh Project TMP Arkan
The Mesh Project TMP Blueprint Co
The Mesh Project TMP C&N Medieval designs
The Mesh Project TMP Caro Trading Company
The Mesh Project TMP Cocky Designs
The Mesh Project TMP D2T Designs
The Mesh Project TMP Dafnis
The Mesh Project TMP Deliciously bound
The Mesh Project TMP Diesel deluxe mesh clothes
The Mesh Project TMP Electric Feel
The Mesh Project TMP Emerald Couture
The Mesh Project TMP FashionNatic
The Mesh Project TMP FN Only Mens Clothes
The Mesh Project TMP FurtaCor
The Mesh Project TMP Gas Clothing Company
The Mesh Project TMP If design
The Mesh Project TMP Ignition
The Mesh Project TMP Illi
The Mesh Project TMP Kandee’s Fashions
The Mesh Project TMP Lavarock Creations
The Mesh Project TMP LD Designs
The Mesh Project TMP Lily’s Locker
The Mesh Project TMP MadCatCreations
The Mesh Project TMP Maquesse
The Mesh Project TMP Mistique
The Mesh Project TMP Paris Fashion House
The Mesh Project TMP Pixel Box design
The Mesh Project TMP R2A
The Mesh Project TMP Real gems
The Mesh Project TMP Resun
The Mesh Project TMP Roah’s Deisgn
The Mesh Project TMP Sensual Erotik Xtore
The Mesh Project TMP SP Piaggio
The Mesh Project TMP Sternwood Treasures
The Mesh Project TMP Synyster Creations
The Mesh Project TMP Tcod design
The Mesh Project TMP TF Designs
The Mesh Project TMP TF Designs
The Mesh Project TMP The Best of Me
The Mesh Project TMP The Grey Goose
The Mesh Project TMP Tsinc
The Mesh Project TMP Underrated
The Mesh Project TMP United Colors
The Mesh Project TMP Unnaked
The Mesh Project TMP WuoCompraa
The Mesh Project TMP Yack
The Mesh Project TMP Zed
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