All things men. Latest in Second Life for heads, bodies, skins, fashion, events and accessories for men.


Second Life Men’s premiere directory

Meshformen was founded out of frustration of only having only a handful of creators offering high quality and highly detailed texturing of men’s items back in 2016. This was miniscule compared to the vast amount of items women have in Second Life. Fast forward to today and the directory is ever growing with the addition of regular men’s monthly events and most recently, the addition of a freebies/sales/group gift page catered to men.

Use this guide as a resource page for men’s stuff in sl. We are thrown into sl with one of the few standard default avis that Linden Labs has given us. In order to set ourselves apart we have an array of developers and creators constantly working and releasing new things. The aim of this website is to compile items that are out there for men. With the ever growing number of great creators out there catering to men, we are now more than ever able to create a individualized and distinguished look for our male avatars. Whether you are new at mesh/bento or whether you are a seasoned male fashionista, meshformen will be the main resource that will bring you updates and notifications on newly released men’s events, mesh/bento heads, bodies, skins, hair, clothing, and accessories in Second Life. Meshformen has all the information you need in transforming a default male avatar into the updated mesh/bento you.

If you like what we do, join our in-world group and help us grow bigger and better to allow us to bring you more goodies! To join or subscribe, visit a in-world kiosk located in one of our media partner’s main store/event.

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